Poverty – A socio economic evil

Poverty level in India

India ranks 93 out of 119 countries on Global Hunger Index.

Causes of poverty

        Many different factors have been cited to explain why poverty occurs. However, no single explanation has gained universal acceptance. At the national level, some point to personal factors, such as drug use, work ethic and education level as the main cause of poverty, while others indicate inadequate social services and policies biased in favor of the wealthy and social elite, as a cause of enduring poverty. Primary factors that may lead to poverty include overpopulation, the unequal distribution of resources in the world economy, inability to meet high standards of living and costs of living, inadequate education and employment opportunities, environmental degradation, certain economic and demographic trends, and welfare incentives.

How Poverty affects Nation’s Growth

Our GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is directly propositional to poverty level. If poverty level get increase our GDP will get slow down. The main way it affects us, is loss of trust among foreign/domestic investors. It’s our duty from politician to individual to reduce/eliminate the poverty from our nation.


The following are proposed solution to reduce/eliminate poverty in our nation.

  1. Control the population

  2. Education for all children
  3. Eliminate corruption
  4. Reduce unemployment

Note: It’s not only the government duty to control the poverty but also its each individual’s duty.