The SPD Project

Under the flagship SPD (Sponsor the Deserving) project, every year Singing Skylarks team picks up deserving students and sponsors part of their amount for Education cause.

Criteria which Singing Skylarks uses as below:

  1. Earnestness to study and fare well in the exams.
  2. Annual income of the parent.
  3. Support by the school and parents.
  4. Regular submission of reports to continue sponsor.

Singing Skylarks has sponsored over 30 students till date for their undergraduate and engineering education. Parents of these students ideally fall in the below category:

  1. Security guards.
  2. Municipality workers (includes Workers who clean the streets and septic tanks).
  3. Agriculturists.
  4. Poor and economically backward category.

Singing Skylarks strictly does not discriminate based on religion, caste and any other means for these sponsors.