The Leaking water conundrum…

“If your tap is leaking 1 big drop of water each minute, that’s around 45,000 liters of water per year. One man can live on it for 15 months!” – Just a forward I got before few months !

We were inquisitive to visit spots where we could witness a leaking tap. Incidentally, we could find at-least 3-4 taps leaking across locations such as Railway stations, Drinking water taps in the streets and Apartments in every city, town and a village. And yes, a short documentary is a result, if you think the views are valid – Please do share this to help save water.

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Venkatesan Subbunarayanan

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The Incarnation of Immortality – Happy Buddha Purnima

Many a times in my life, I have wondered if there is an answer to the question: “What incidents in one’s life” make a person stronger ? “Success and Pleasures or Failure and Pain” ?

To foray deeper into the abyss and understand the ideas of liberation, I thought of referring to the history of some of the leaders who have lived to inspire and transform millions of lives. One such leader is Lord Buddha and an excerpt on his life:


The Immortality Incarnation

Today marks the 2560th birthday of one of the greatest leaders in the world, Guathama Buddha (a) Prince Siddhartha. His father meticulously planned a life for the prince who was never exposed to sorrows of the world from a very young age, was given a great kingdom with tons of pleasures apart from thousands of people to serve him around. Prince Siddhartha did not know the process of “aging”, “sickness” and “death”. The real transformation seems to have started when his charioteer “took him for a ride” when he saw an old man on the street, diseased one and a dead body being carried. The charioteer explained him all these need to be undergone by every life and cannot be avoided. This made an impact and Siddhartha left the kingdom on a midnight to search for the eternal truth.

Passing the MAAYAAs for enlightenment:

Under a Bodhi tree, during his meditation Siddhartha seemed to have seen various maayaas every week in a progressive manner including Golden bridge, Jeweled chambers and Seductive Girls. After 7 weeks of intense meditation, the enlightened Buddha emerged and was met by 2 merchants who offered him food to break his fast and became followers which marked the emergence of Buddhism.

King by Ruling or Letting Go ?

Though Siddhartha’s father wanted him to be the greatest ruler of the world leading the kingdom, Siddhartha went on to let go of the greatest materialistic things and pleasures in the world, and by being unattached went on to become immortal. The traditional path in which he would have been “yet an another king” who lived a normal life of material interests. Some specific teachings of buddha include “Theory of Happiness”, “Doctrine of Awakening” etc…

Few powerful sayings of Buddha:

Happy are they who are contented. Happiness is for those who hear and know the truth. Happy are they who have good will in this world towards all sentient beings. Happy are they who have no attachments and have passed beyond sense-desires. The disappearance of the word “I AM” is indeed the highest happiness.

Buddha’s life epitomizes the fact that, “A deep impact with failures and sorrow” after a “great level of success and happiness” may bring awakening in one’s life. Happy Buddha Purnima to every one and May the world see lot more buddhaas.

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.

Venkatesan Subbunarayanan,