Education – The need of the hour

Do we know that India ranks only 3rd among the literacy rate in the Asian countries ????? And do we really know that this has many consequences ?????


  • Most of the People do not even have the ability to understand the day to day affairs.
  • Foreig ners visiting India, struggle a lot to communicate to a Common Man, getting an Impression that India is still an underdeveloped nati on.
  • Day to Day Crime Rate increases in major cities and if a census is taken of the people committing the crimes, 80% would be uneducated.
  • Many in born Geniuses, who might even outshine eminent personalities, are put down by the Uneducated Parents by not giving the Education right from their childhood.

“Knowledge is Power as the Saying Goes…
A Nation without Knowledg
e is inching towards downfall”

As above quote says, to power our nation and ourselves, and to face the hurdles in our life, we have to spread awareness of “Importance of education” among our people. Singing Skylarks team strongly believes and works for the Education Awareness by funding NGOs who do it on our behalf.