Education Sponsor worth 20,000 INR – Please share

IMG_20150928_175827148_HDR Mr.Thangaraj cleans the streets of a city in Tamilnadu. In his meager salary from the corporation, he still inspires us by educating his son as a B.Com graduate who fares well.

Singing Skylarks chooses him for a sponsor this year as one of the deserving parent and student to get sponsored for the education.

The team, is proud to declare the education sponsor for 3 more deserving students this year worth 20,000 INR. 

Every year, Singing Skylarks has been selecting deserving students for the education sponsor series and this year is no exception. Kindly share this to your friends, neighbors, kith and kin so the right set of students get sponsored.

We also like to thank all the musicians of the group who worked relentlessly towards Jaagrithi music album which is now helping the students in need of education and not having enough funds continuing.

Best Regards,

Skylarks Team



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