Prediction of Kaliyuga – A Markendeya vs Stephen hawking view…

A little back I got a forward from one of my good friends about Kaliyuga among the other different phases of Yuga namely Satya, Treta and Dvapara.

The philosophy goes as “Satya” yuga in which all the humans were following dharma and was compared to 4 legs of a bull with all the four supporting dharma and bull compared to the world stable with dharma. With advancement of every age, one of the legs of dharma gets broken with reduction in morality of living beings and characteristic of Kaliyuga where “good and evil” exist within the same human nature leaving “Kali” yuga with only one leg of dharma with attributes quoted by Markendeya as “Rulers” levying unfair taxes, “Leaders” no longer having the need to promote spirituality, “Innocent lives” not getting enough food and migrating towards places of staple “wheat and barley”, “Adults” getting intoxicated by drugs and alcohol. So going per calculations of 4 legs of the bull, 25% of the population will still be adhering to dharma and holding the bull which is the world at peace.

I was also reading an article by Physicist Stephen Hawking in which he specifically quotes that We are at a point in history where we are “trapped” by our own advances, with humanity increasingly at risk from man-made threats but without technology sophisticated enough to escape from Earth in the event of a cataclysm. The era of history is “Kaliyuga”, and it boils down to the scientist’s prediction that “Man-kind” as it’s own enemy and increasing threats to the fellow beings because of increased global warming, Advancements of Nuclear Weapons, Genetically engineered viruses and bacteria resulting in earth touching high levels of temperature around 250 C not tenable for human conditions.

Interestingly, Both Markendeya and Stephen hawking end their verse of “yuga” and “Age” in their predictions where Markendeya quotes “When immorality goes beyond tolerance and world gets affected, Dharma will take its place and Lord will appear as Supreme chastiser” and Stephen Hawking quotes “Human race will have one last shining beacon of Hope where they would have developed ability to live in space by that time“.

So is the Lord referred to by Markendeya – the first human being to be able to make a living in Space / other planets without external support ? We will see as time goes…


Venkatesan Subbunarayanan






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